If you want to have a deeper insight about what we do, why we do it, and the values that have kept us going, then you have never landed on a better page than you are right now. Read about us, and find out what makes us unique and stand out from the rest.

Our beliefs

Our work ethic is influenced by our belief. This boils down to everything that we do. We believe in an online casino industry where the player is king. Online casinos are but servants who live to serve the players, shouldn’t it? But in reality you find this to be the opposite. Players are getting ripped off right under our very noses even by some of the big "reputable" online casinos. This is why we were created this website. To put the slot player first.

We do this by bringing quality slot resource content which are "player-centric" because we know without the players, casinos all over the world will cease to exist. We put slot players as our priority making sure every tip, technique, review or guide, are targeted towards player satisfaction. We are one of the few review sites who consistently update with objective reviews, calling out what is wrong and saying what is right regardless of fear or favor. This has enabled us to enhance our reputation within the industry and today, we are among the best review sites in the world.

We believe players who play on online casinos deserve to make some money. But the trend we have seen so far is the reverse. We have watched with disdain how casinos put so many dubious slot offerings and bonuses to get players through their doors.

That is why we are the first to test the waters to make sure no player is scammed of their hard earned cash. We refuse to be affiliated to any casino, refusing countless bribes and threats, rather choosing to preserve our dignity and standing in the industry. We do this for the players because they come first.

Our team of experts is trusted, their reputation flawless. Our content rich and unique, giving you Insights other sites can not dare to think of. We have analyzed a lot of casinos over the years, shutting down many fraudulent establishments, helping helpless players retrieve their money and in some cases even reporting to the relevant authorities.

This is what we do.

Because we put you the slot first before all.