There are lots of conspiracy theories believed by players and enthusiasts as to how online slots work. We hope by reading this, you would be able to disable your mind on the way slot machines work in an online casino.

Random Number Generator

All casino slots have a feature known as the Random Number Generator. The essence of this (RNG) is to put out random computations sequentially every microsecond all round the clock throughout the week. They produce different numbers constantly especially when you push the spin button.

The Random Number Generator is a feature that is applicable to all online slots in every casino and they are the determinant of what the final result will be when you play at casinos all over the world. These outcomes depend on the algorithm used by the slot alongside the Random Number Generator and the two together decide whether or not you have won and what exactly you win, all previous outcomes are totally independent of the other.

How Does The RNG WORK?

It is critical at this point to understand that there are no memory banks on a slot machine. Neither is the RNG or algorithm aware of whether or not you have won a huge amount of cash or won a jackpot. The slot machine does not know if you have been constantly on it or if you just arrived this very second.

They were built like this for a purpose. Slot machines are ruled by mathematical formulas and once you press on the bet or spin button, it is immediately acted upon by the Random Number Generator. Contrary to so many beliefs, the outcomes of your spinning have not been premeditated to produce specific outcomes.

When you kick start the whole process by clicking on the online slot button, the RNG will start to initiate multiple numeric sequences at speeds of hundreds per second. The numbers the RNG is spitting at the moment you pressed the button is the same number that decides which of the symbols on the reels your spins will capture.

The only time you are ever in control is when you decide the time to press the spin button. Let us use a five reeler for example. The exact time you click on a spin button, the RNG records five numbers for the five separate reels.

Each of the numbers determines the position of the reels. The numbers will do the calculations to decide whether or not you have won, what you have won and the prizes to be given. In the case of free spins, or bonus games, the reels are spun consecutively through the same RNG.

Advantages of RNG

The advantages of using RNG are obvious to the discerning mind. It is to prevent any manipulation. Not by the players, not by the developer, and definitely not by the Casino. By using RNGs in slot machines, you can ensure that the outcomes are fair, and safe, secure from any form of manipulation from any source.

A casino that deserves your time will have certification about the quality of its RNG through the Technical Systems Testing (TST). It is worthy to note also that despite the advancement in technology with regards to online casinos and games, the basic features of a Random Number Generator has remained a constant throughout the years.


There are no manipulations of an online slot machine. Review sites or players who give you tips on how to manipulate a slot are lying through their noses. You can be assured that whenever you play at a well regulated casino, every play you make are safe.